ProjectME 2021 is based on 6 primary lifestyle values: the importance of prioritizing, physical activity, good nutrition, a healthy mindset, overcoming obstacles, and personal accountability. 

#ProjectME2021 coaches are trained and nationally certified to guide you in identifying your needs and values, effective goal setting, scheduling, overcoming obstacles, and achieving your personal goals – without upending your life. 


This transformation challenge will help you understand why prioritizing your overall health is not a form of self-indulgence – it’s essential. In fact, we hear a version of this principle each time we travel on an airplane. The flight attendant reminds passengers that if oxygen masks are deployed, secure your mask first, then help others.  The same precedent applies in life! If you don’t prioritize your physical, emotional, and mental health, you won’t be in a strong position to help and tend to those cherished people you value the most in your life.

Sit Less-Move More!

Adopting and sustaining an active lifestyle is an important component to this program.  We will teach you and reinforce the principles necessary for maintaining an active lifestyle so they become regular part of your daily routine and a healthy and vibrant life for years to come. We will share activity videos, workout routines, and tips on time and effort required when performing structured physical activities that are aligned with your personal interests and goals. Why? Because an active lifestyle is a cornerstone of a healthy life! And inactivity is a strong risk factor in chronic disease, as well as premature mortality.

Mindset Matters!

Many people focus on eating well and exercising regularly in an effort to live a fuller life, but few consider the impact that one’s mindset has on well-being. Mindset is involved in the types and amount of foods you choose to consume, and in your body’s physiological response to those foods. Those who perceive themselves to be inactive or not active enough tend to experience worse health outcomes over time, regardless of their daily activity levels.  ProjectME 2021 will teach you how to become more mindful and aware, how to identify negative thought processes and begin to change them to positivity, and how your emotional health is acutely linked to your physical health.

Overcome the Obstacles!

You will learn how to identify obstacles, discover purposeful ways to overcome them – even strategies to avoid them.  After all, obstacles are present in everyone’s life, whether it’s time, lifestyle, family, career, or health issues. 

Accountability is Everything! (almost)

The ProjectME 2021 coaches will help you understand and adopt the importance of personal accountability throughout this program and beyond. Using strengths-based coaching principles, we will help you identify your innate strengths and abilities and how to use them to overcome your current obstacles, health challenges, and other setbacks in order to stay-the-course. We will help you set SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound) that will be key in achieving your long-term goals. And we will guide you in staying accountable to yourself and your goals. Because evaluation, experimentation, and personal accountability are key components in achieving your goals and in living your best life! 

ProjectME 2021 is a comprehensive 6 week transformation challenge that can lead you to a healthy, happy, fulfilling lifestyle for the remainder of your life. The tools you learn in this challenge will remain in your ‘inner toolbox’ and ready for you to use in future struggles and setbacks. ProjectME 2021 lasts 90 days, but the knowledge and empowerment you receive in this challenge can last a lifetime!


Your transformation challenge will last 6 weeks. During these 6 weeks you will receive (via email) a list of daily and weekly activity plans designed around your personal abilities and goals, which will include:

Strength workouts and cardio routines to be completed daily. (Strength workouts will be bodyweight based, interval-styled routines so that you can maximize time and effectiveness. Cardio programs will also be interval-styled so that you won’t need to schedule long time periods to complete them.

Certified Personal Trainers will share links to youTube videos of exercises included in the workout portion of this challenge. Any modifications that are available to certain movements will be detailed in the video so that ALL participants, regardless of fitness level, have the ability to correctly execute the movements.

Customized macro eating plan (including education and guidelines). This information will be delivered weekly and is purposefully designed based on stats from your initial registration form, dietary guidelines associated with your nutritional needs, and changes related to progress from your weekly ProjectME reports. You’ll also receive healthy, crave worthy recipes for added inspiration, and ongoing information on the role specific nutritional supplements can play in achieving and maintaining your health and/or weight loss goals.

Weekly check-ins with pictures, weight, measurements, and information regarding your dedication levels, emotional state during the week, and requests for changes to your program if needed. Any and all information provided by you through your weekly check-ins (including pictures, current weight, etc.) is completely proprietary and will not be shared in any way, form, or location. It will be used solely for assessing individual progress and needs by ProjectME 2021 coaches.

Exclusive membership in the ProjectME 2021 Facebook Group. This group is an open forum where you can share questions, concerns, setbacks/obstacles, and suggestions. It is also designed for you to connect with other 6 week challenge participants for additional support. Coaches will post tips, tricks, recipes, ideas, mini- challenges, and incentives to help you maximize your results.

Weekly e-newsletter will be delivered to your inbox, with information similar to that shared in the Facebook group as well as exclusive product and gear discounts, access to additional resources, and evidence-based information to help guide you on this 6 week journey and beyond!

Exclusive access to the ProjectME 2021 coaches via email, Facebook Group, and text messages (available during timeframes to be specified when the challenge launches on January 11, 2021).

In depth consultations, private coaching, or detailed customized requests may require a private session (an add-on feature).

The #ProjectME 2021 community is here to help you succeed, provide motivation, offer guidance, education, and support, and to keep you accountable to yourself. 6 weeks to help you successfully achieve your goals and keep you on course to the healthy lifestyle you desire and deserve


Our coaches are offering several personalized add-ons designed to boost your transformation challenge experience and bring even more value to your ProjectME 2021 experience. Any Add-on you choose will be customized for your needs and values, and may include 1-on-1 training, coaching, or detailed nutrition plans for specific issues. These add-ons offer powerful added support to navigate the program and help you achieve your goals!

Bootcamp Training and 1-on-1 workout programs are customized specifically for your training environment. This includes specific at-home workouts, gym programs, or outdoor routines using available equipment. In addition to a customized independent workout, you can add outdoor HIIT bootcamp classes if you are in the San Diego area. If you prefer individualized training, we also offer private personal training designed for your needs, abilities, and goals. These sessions can be 1-on-1 or 2-on-1 (if you are training with a buddy or significant other).  Zoom and virtual workouts, are also available as an add-on for you and/or a group session with your partner.

Good nutrition is the cornerstone of success in any lifestyle transformation. In fact, diet/nutrition is 75% of the equation and activity is 25%. If your diet is calorie dense (comfort food/fast food/high fat, salt and/or sugar), and you know you must change it to improve your health, a customized nutrition plan or personalized health coaching to help your mindset and efforts may be highly beneficial in your overall success. If you are experienced in meal prep but have not had a lot of success in weight loss or improved nutrition, coaching or a more customized/streamlined nutritional approach may be required to get you to your goals. Regardless, all customized nutrition plans will include foods that YOU love and want in your diet because there are healthy versions of most every food that exists! Your customized nutrition plan has endless possibilities, and we will keep it fun! After all, recipe adjustments, dietary replacements, and moderation of your food intake should not make you feel like “The Hunger Games”. They should inspire your inner chef!

Motivation is the biggest barrier to any behavior change effort. If you find yourself struggling or stressing over your motivation levels, 1-on-1 health coaching is an excellent resource for breaking down those barriers. Change is intrinsic, so we will collaborate, dig deep, and explore your “whys”: your values, desires, confidence levels, strengths, and obstacles. Once we have identified your “whys” our health coach will support and guide you in channeling your “how’s” by tapping into your own inner resources, collaborating on individual goals, and maintaining your motivation levels. She will employ powerful Motivational Interviewing techniques, Strengths-Based Coaching principles and Cognitive Behavioral Coaching throughout the coaching process, while guiding, supporting, and empowering you in your personal lifestyle behavior change journey. 

Weekly ProjectME 2021 check-ins will be done via email forms; Our Facebook group is also available for questions or concerns regarding the check-ins (The group is also a GREAT place to celebrate your successes with other participants!) However, some participants might need added visual contact and accountability motivations. If you prefer weekly check-in sessions via zoom, please select this option. Sessions will be scheduled on a weekly basis and will be a duration of 15 or 30-minutes.