Supplementation is very important and can determine the level of results you receive from your challenge program

  • GOJI JUICE:  Improving eyesight, antioxidant, keeps you hydrated, reduces cholesterol, restful sleep, protect liver and other organs, battle Alzheimer’s, improve immune health and emotional health gains.
  • L-GLUTAMINE:  Helps leaky gut, improve athletic performance and energy, burns fat and boosts metabolism and promotes weight loss.
  • L-CARNITINE:  Increases endurance, enhances weight loss, prevents muscle damage,  amps up fat-burning, boost brain function and regulates blood sugar.
  • CLA:  Increased fat loss, strengthened immune system, better blood sugar control, increased bone strength, improved heart health.
  • PROTEIN:  Weight loss, promotes muscle growth, may lower blood pressure, may help treat type 2 diabetes, may help reduce inflammation, may benefit IBS, enhance antioxidant defenses, benefit blood fats, create satiety-reducing hunger.
  • GREENS POWDERS: Supports hormone balance, detoxification, increases your veggie consumption, balances blood sugar, enhances brain health, protects heart health and helps balance pH levels in the body.
  • OMEGAS: Fight depression and anxiety, can improve eye health, promote brain health, improves cardiac risk factors,  reduce ADHD symptoms,  reduce symptoms of metabolic syndrome and fights inflammation.  Also, helps fights autoimmune diseases, improves mental disorders, fights mental decline, prevents cancer and reduces asthma.  Supplementation can also help reduce fat in your liver, improve bone and joint health, improve sleep and skin health.
  • PROBIOTICS:  Helps balance the good bacteria in your digestive system, prevent and treat diarrhea, improve some mental health conditions and heart health.  Also, reduces the severity of allergies and eczema, boost digestive disorders, improve immune system, decrease belly fat and helps reduce body weight.

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Everyone has different needs and a personalized supplementation protocol may be necessary to fill in the gaps in their program.